15 ways your child’s name sets them up for success — or failure

What’s in the name? Your child’s future is possible.

Research has shown that your name can have a significant impact on your life, from your hiring ability to your spending habits.

It is not surprising then, that “namer’s regret” is on the rise among parents. According to The Independent, one fifth of mothers feel they regret choosing the name for their child.

Parents are so concerned about their reborn baby nursery names that they are willing to spend thousands to hire “professional naming specialists “.

We have highlighted the best findings from the research on names and success to help you avoid becoming another statistic.

People will be more inclined to like you if your name is simple to pronounce

Researchers at New York University found that people who are easier to pronounce often hold higher-ranking positions in the workplace. Adam Alter, one of the psychologists, explained to Wired that “When we can process information more easily, it’s easier for us to understand it, we like it more.” Alter further found that companies with simple names and ticker symbols performed better in stock markets.

You are more likely to get hired if your name is well-known.

Marquette University researchers discovered evidence that less unique names were more popular. Common names were more likely than those with rare or unusual names to be hired. This means that the Jameses and Marys, Johns and Patricias of the globe are in good company.

Juvenile delinquency is often associated with uncommon names

Shippensburg University’s 2009 study found that juvenile criminal behavior and popularity of one’s first name are closely linked. Research found that young people with less popular names are more likely to commit criminal activity, regardless of their race.

These findings don’t prove that unusual names cause the behavior. They simply show a link between them. Researchers have their theories.

The journal’s publishers wrote in a statement that adolescents with unpopular names could be more likely to commit crimes because they are treated differently among their peers. This makes it harder for them to form relationships. “Juveniles with unpopular surnames may act out because they… don’t like their names.”

You are more likely to be hired if your name is white.

According to The Atlantic, candidates with white names such as Greg Baker and Emily Walsh received nearly half the callbacks of candidates with black names such as Jamal Jones and Lakisha Washington. Research has shown that a white-sounding name can be worth up to eight years of experience in the workplace.

You could be admitted to a school that is more suited for your last name if it’s closer to the beginning alphabet

Researchers examined the relationship between students’ admission to competitive schools and their position in the alphabet of over 90,000 Czech students for a study published by the Economics of Education Review.

The researchers found that students with lower last names in the alphabet scored higher overall. However, students who applied for universities were still at the margin of being admitted. Students with names close to the top of alphabet were more likely than students with lower last names.

Your likelihood of impulse spending is higher if your last name is near the end.

One study found that people with last names like Zabar or Yardley are more likely to accept promotional strategies such as limited-time deals.

According to the authors, spending your childhood near the end of the roll-call may cause you to want to grab offers before they are gone.

People will think that you are smarter and more competent if your middle initial is used

Research published in The European Journal of Social Psychology shows that middle initials can improve people’s perceptions of intellectual ability and performance.

Students were asked to rate essays with any of the four types of author names in a study. The authors with a middle name received the highest marks. David F.P.R. also got top marks. Clark received the highest reviews.

It is more likely that you will work for a company with your initials

We identify with our names so we choose things that are similar. Researchers at Ghent University found that people are more inclined to work for companies with their initials. Business Insider might be Brian Ingborg. People are more likely to work for companies that have similar names to theirs if they have rare initials.

Your name will sound more noble if you’re likely to be in a high-ranking job

Researchers in Europe studied German names and ranks within businesses. Researchers found that people with last names like Kaiser (“emperor”) and Konig (“king”) held higher managerial positions than those who had last names that were related to common occupations such as Koch (“cook”) and Bauer (“farmer”)).

Associative reasoning is a psychological theory that suggests this. It describes a way of thinking where people automatically link emotions with previous knowledge using similar words or phrases.

You could be more likely to get suspended if you’re a boy with a female name

David Figlio, University of Florida economist, studied a large Florida district of schools from 1996 to 2000. He found that boys with the most common names to girls were more likely than their peers to misbehave in middle school.

He also discovered that behavioral problems in these students were associated with higher disciplinary problems and lower scores on tests.

You may have a higher chance of succeeding in certain fields if you are a woman who is not gender-neutral.

According to The Atlantic women with gender-neutral names are more likely to succeed in male-dominated fields like engineering and law. According to one study, women with masculine names like Jan, Cameron, and Leslie were more likely to succeed in legal careers.

The c-suite is overrepresented by men with shorter first names

LinkedIn analysed more than 100,000,000 user profiles in 2011 to determine which names were most closely associated with the position of CEO. Short, one-syllable names were the most popular for men, such as Bob, Jack, or Bruce. According to a name specialist, men at the top may use nicknames to convey friendliness and openness.

Women who are at the top of their professions are more likely than others to use their full names

LinkedIn researchers also found that Deborah, Cynthia, as well as Carolyn were the most popular names for female CEOs. According to the report, women might use their full names to project professionalism and gravitas.

It is more likely that you will marry someone with a similar name to yours

Research from Columbia University and West Point shows that people gravitate towards others who look like them because they have positive, automatic associations about their own self-image.

Researchers found that people are more likely to marry someone whose last name or first name is similar to theirs.

You’re more likely than your coworkers to share the same initial if you have good working relationships.

Even the first letter of your last name can influence how you get along with others.

The Wisconsin School of Business researchers found that groups with the same initials performed better than those that did not. This resulted in higher performance, collective efficacy and adaptive conflict as well as accuracy.

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