Aluminium tray vs steel tray

Whenever you are thinking about UTE trays for your vehicles, there are two major materials you will come up with. Even though the most popular choice among the masses has to be Aluminium Ute Trays, there are some steel trays as substitutes to look into. Now, you might be a bit confused with the right choice to make. Which one are you going to choose between the steel and aluminium one? Listed below are some of the points, which will help you to come up with the right solution to deal with and make the best purchase, to match your needs.

Weight of the products

Aluminium is always lighter when compared to mild steel. As a general guide, the steel tray is right about twice the weight of any equivalent aluminium tray.

·         The negative effects of substantial increase will go beyond the mark of any upsurge in the fuel consumption and the mechanical or the tyre wear.

·         The weight of the current tray needs to be added to the kerb weight of the vehicle, which in turn, will reduce the Gross Vehicle Mass rating and its payload.

So, it is always better to opt for the Aluminium Ute Trays rather than aiming for the steel trays, if you want the vehicle to last long and also to prevent it from adding more fuel in the bucket list.

Strength is another point

If strength is the biggest concern, then maybe steel will be willing over the aluminium trays out there. Steel is subject to be 4 times stronger and 2 times stiffer than the aluminium trays. So, where hardness and strength are the most important factors to consider for the work application, steel will always stand out to be the best option to deal with.

·         However, that does not mean that aluminium is lagging behind. You have heavy-duty aluminium trays that will offer ample strength alongside rigidity to get along with.

·         There are so many owners out there, who are pretty happy with the performance of their aluminium UTE trays even in harsh weather conditions. It solely depends on the work requirements here.

Look for the best help

If you go through all the possible options, both steel and aluminium have their fair shares of pros and cons. But, if you want something, which is pocket friendly, then get the aluminium alternatives from Ozi4*4 right away! Visit the official website at for more details.

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