An Ultimate Guide To Using A Hair serum! 

For valid reasons, hair serums have grown to be a crucial component of our collection of hair products. While it is well known that scalp serum for hair growth is highly effective in treating dry and frizzy hair, did you know that there are particular hair serums made for different types of hair and that you can use them to prevent hair breakage and even make your home-made hair serums that can be very beneficial for your hair?

Read on to learn how to choose the best serums for your hair and how to make them the most outstanding all-around hair product.

How do you decide which Hair Growth Treatment Products are best for your hair?

The market is flooded with many hair serums. Hair serums work best on hair that is long or medium in length and enhance shine while reducing frizz and dryness. Hair serums are silicone-based products that coat the top of your hair, giving it softness, luster, and the ability to resist tangling.

Pay Close Attention to The Serum’s Composition!

Although silicon is the primary component of most hair serums, you must also be aware of the other chemicals in your frizz fighter. For instance, if your hair is dry and frizzy, you should choose a hair serum infused with oils like castor, rosewood, and marula. These oils will intensely hydrate your hair while also providing luster and gloss.

There are serums made for particular types of hair and uses. Here are some tips for choosing the best hair serum for you!

  • Serums Designed to Prevent Split Ends

Our hairs are prone to fraying and breaking because of split ends. Use a hair serum to improve the appearance of your hair if it has too many split ends. But be sure to use keratin-containing hair serums because keratin is proven to mend bothersome split ends and stop strands from separating. 

  •  Serums Designed To Fend Off Heat and Pollutants

If you spend a lot of time outside in the heat, you should take additional care of your hair. Choose hair serums with jojoba and lavender oils since these oils will prime and nourish your hair while also adding luster. Your hair is smoothed and detangled, and it is also heat-protected with lavender oil. These serums are also very light and quickly penetrate the hair.

  • Serums for Constantly Dry Hair

Dehydrated hair needs additional nourishment and care. The good news is that you may now revive your hair as you sleep on serums that can be applied overnight and left on. Make sure that these serums are cream-based, not oil-based, to avoid having them weigh down rather than moisturize your hair. Damp and dry hair can be treated with overnight scalp serum for hair growth so you can wake up with healthy, lustrous hair.

  • Serums for Textured and Thick Hair

You will require a potent serum that will provide extra hydration if you have thick and textured hair. Purchase serums contain argan and Moroccan oils to control your hair and give it a shiny, healthy appearance.

  • Serums For curly hair

Curls naturally tend to become more unruly and challenging to manage. The serums with the highest moisture levels are the best for wavy and curly hair. Serums can revive lifeless, dull hair, as you must have heard a hundred times. However, curly hair needs a little bit more care. So choose serums rich in moisturizing oils like jojoba, argan, sweet almond, and marula to keep those curls bouncy and glossy and give them new life.

  • Serums For Coloured Hair

For those of you with colored or chemically treated hair, there are light cream-based hair serums on the market that, in addition to silicone, also include jojoba, argan, and coconut oils, as well as extracts from green tea. For colored and chemically treated hair, these are ideal.

How To Use Hair Growth Treatment Products Correctly? 

Washing Your Hair Before Applying Serum is a Must!

As a general rule, only shampooed hair should receive serum application. When serum is applied to unclean hair, the strands become weighed down, appear thinner and oilier, attract more dirt and filth, and even develop dandruff. Recognize that serum is more than simply a styling tool; it also revitalizes and nourishes your hair. However, that depends on the serum’s ability to penetrate the roots and strands. 

Use Only the Recommended Amount of Serum.

The main ingredients of serums are water, energizing substances, and essential oils. Using too much product can make your hair oily and weigh it down needlessly, reducing the volume of your hair. Use 1-2 drops of serum for hair that is medium to long and 3–4 drops for longer hair.

Are you applying serum on wet Hair? Here is How To Do

On your hand, dispense a teardrop-sized amount of serum. Now, gently massage the hair serum onto the ends and partings of the hair by blotting it between your palms. Experts claim that serums perform best on damp hair; keep in mind, not drenched. Apply hair serum from tips to roots while flipping your hair forward vertically. Make sure to massage the tips well to avoid broken ends. Flip your hair back now. Add two or three drops of hair serum to your hands, then massage your scalp.

Before you dry or style your hair, give the serum a moment to settle. The serum will serve as a heat protector, stop the knots that frequently form in damp hair, and make it easier to style your hair. Additionally, keep in mind that blow drying your hair is crucial before applying since a wet, serum-treated scalp can enable dust and grime to attach to the scalp, which is undesirable.

To End!

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