Benefits of Starting Your Weight Loss Program Before the Holidays

Making the decision to finally reduce the excess weight you’ve been lugging about is a big step toward improving your general health and wellness. But it’s also a significant commitment to alter your lifelong perspective on eating after you have visited health and weight management cooper clinic.

If you’re like most people, the idea of beginning that route right before the holidays sounds torturous and doomed to failure. But it’s better to adopt your new lifestyle before the season, not after. This is why.

Your New Year’s resolution might be abandoned or modified.

Because of all the overeating and weight gain that occurs between November and December, losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. You can start the New Year with a head start and no need for a resolution at all if you start your new diet and exercising routines before the holidays, or you can make a new resolution!

It’s a wonderful workout.

There are seldom as many high-calorie, high-fat meals available as during the holiday season. Keeping it up as things return to normal will be a piece of cake — or carrot — if you start cutting back on the quantity of sweets and carbohydrates you consume during Thanksgiving and continue through December.

Lessens the average monthly growth in weight

Sometimes losing weight is less about losing than it is about avoiding gaining. Simply put, this merely implies that slowing down your usual pattern of growth counts as progress.

If you normally gain two pounds in November, six pounds in December, and one pound in January, for instance, it works out to an average monthly gain of three pounds. You can reduce your average monthly gain by 67 percent if you start your diet before the holidays and only gain one pound in November, two in December, and none in January.

Accepts what is inevitable

Because achieving and maintaining a healthy weight requires a lifetime commitment, the holidays will inevitably interfere with your healthy habits, whether you start them now or later. Why not begin now then? If you choose to binge once more, you will only be setting yourself up for feelings of sacrifice and deprivation in January and you will begin your trip even heavier than you are now.

Possibility of learning new recipes

Rethinking your baking and cooking methods is necessary for real-life weight loss. There is no better time than the holidays to experiment with new cooking methods. To keep your meal and your body light, you need to change out high-calorie, high-fat components with healthy alternatives.

You don’t have to shed pounds by yourself.

You don’t need to be told that losing weight is difficult. Most certainly, you’ve tried every diet and exercise plan available. However, the reason they fail is that they are too general, universal, extreme, and unrealistic.

Understanding your body’s particular metabolism and all the factors that affect your capacity to lose weight is essential for effective weight loss management McAllen TX.


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