Best Savings Bank Accounts in India in 2022-23

If you’re willing to scrupulously follow the instructions and fulfill the small conditions for opening these accounts, it is possible to open them online or by visiting a bank branch. Keep in mind that these accounts cannot be opened at post office savings banks, so we’ve excluded them from our list.


Factors to Consider Before Investing in Best Savings Account India

Before you go through all the trouble to find the best savings account in India, you should check with some of your bank’s existing customers. They will give you reviews that are useful in making a decision on taking your business to another bank. Despite having simple features, these banks are working perfectly fine for their existing customers and you should too, think about using such an account as this can be profitable in the long run as well.

Rate of Interest on Savings account

The rate of interest on savings accounts is not the same with all banks. Banks are categorized into different groups, namely local commercial banks and foreign banks. The one in the high group has its own customers who prefer its banking arrangement due to the various services they offer besides interest rates on savings accounts.

Minimum Cash Balance

The minimum balance is the amount of money you will have to maintain in your account, at all times. This is usually set to keep the account holder from not overusing the services that banks offer. If you think about it, the purpose of establishing a minimum balance is to keep clients from making too many frivolous transactions with their bank savings accounts.

Regularity of Withdrawals on Savings Accounts

Since there are different types of savings accounts, for different purposes, the rate of interest is also different as per the purpose. The most latest information about these rates can be accessed from various banks and their official websites.


Fees and Charges

The main step to stay protected from the stealth charges is to understand them and question why they are being levied. By asking questions, you are sure to be aware of any charges levied on your account. Also, stick to a multiple bank account model and do not hoard all your savings in one place; it will help you keep track of your funds and protect against bank account hacking.

RBL Bank Savings Account

If you live in India and have been looking for a new bank that offers a good range of features on its savings accounts, then RBL Bank could be the solution. They offer four different types of saving accounts with their unique advantages and disadvantages but are all worth considering if you are tired of your Savings account’s offering and want something that is more suited to your individual requirements.

Basic savings account

If you’re looking for a straightforward savings option that’ll keep your money safe and your interest high, the basic savings account from RBl Bank is the way to go. For the most straightforward experience, you can’t beat their digital mobile app; and for an ultra-secure environment for your savings, there’s simply no better option. Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different, which is why we’ve given you examples of other accounts that might be more suitable in certain situations.

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