Budh Yantra benefits and method to install budh yantra

Budh Yantra

Budh yantra can be used to increase the power of Mercury and gain benefits from it. Budh Yantra can therefore be used when Mercury benefits fairly and may be used for profit and part of Malefic Mercury in most cases. However, Budh yantra is generally not used for the most dangerous Mercury. The exception to this rule may be when Mercury is a malefic modified in the horoscope. This concept is discussed in the article ‘How yantras work’.

In general, Budh yantra appears to perform the same function as Emerald might. Although the wide range of effects offered by Budh yantra and Emerald may be similar; there is a difference. This difference is discussed in the article ‘How yantras works’.

As Mercury gains more power through Budh yantra; a native may see better results related to the normal and specific value of Mercury; as long as Mercury benefits fairly or partially in his horoscope or is a modified malefic. To take an example, suppose Mercury is located in the ninth house of the stars associated with the day of the man in Capricorn and Mars and the Sun high.

Mercury dominates the first and tenth houses in this horoscope, beneficiating and suffering from the two malefic planets. Mars is very powerful in Capricorn and Mercury is not the same as the combined influence of Mars and the Sun in this regard. It can therefore turn out to be beneficial and in part harmful. In this case, the Budh mantra may help the native to obtain better results by giving more power to Mercury. As the native invented Mercury yantra and began to maintain it regularly; he may see better and better results. In the present case; a native may see better results related to work, health, life expectancy, overall well-being, dignity, public image, authority, fame, children, love life and creativity among other things.

Although Budh yantra benefits may produce similar or better results than Emerald; the latter is still very popular with astrologers. This is because the native wearing the Emerald does not need to do anything to get such benefits from it; without dressing. On the other hand, a native who uses Mercury yantra may need to pray on it daily to benefit from it.

To have a vision; to see the same benefits as those given the 5 carat Emerald of good quality, the native may need to sing about 1500 to 2000 Veda mantras or Beej mantras of Mercury daily. As the process is time-consuming; many natives would prefer to go with Emerald instead of Mercury yantra. However, if the native cannot afford the Emerald; Budh yantra may do the work in such a situation, though it may require effort from the end of the tradition.

For Budh yantra to provide appropriate benefits to the natives; it must first be purified, empowered and organized by the natives through Vedic processes. Observing the process; Budh yantra is purified in the first step. Through Vedic processes; any kind of negative force attached to this yantra is removed during this action. As many people may leave a power/aura imprint on the Mercury yantra before you buy it; these symptoms need to be removed.

In the second step; this yantra is enabled and configured for you. For this; your and your father’s name can be used. So yantra is prepared and empowered directly for you; with the song Mercury mantras. Usually; The 11,000 Veda mantras or Beej mantras of Mercury are used to power this yantra and enough to empower it. If the number of mantras decreases significantly; the empowerment process may not be done properly and the native may not benefit from the Budh yantra in the best possible way.

Once you have found your purified, empowered and organized yantra of Mercury; the next step is to establish it in your home, office, bag or pocket; depending on the size of the Mercury yantra you have selected. The most widely used size of this yantra is suitable for installation in your home or office. For best results, you should launch Mercury yantra on Wednesday and set it up at a place of worship in your home or office; if you have selected a larger size. If you choose a smaller size, you can keep it in your pocket or purse.

When the Mercury of your genre comes to you and you establish it; you can keep it in any clean place, such as in a closet. After bathing on Wednesday morning (7 AM to 11 AM), take your yantra to where you want to set it up. Put yantra there, sprinkle holy water or raw milk on your Budh yantra, sing 108 Beej mantras of Mercury, pray to Mercury and ask for the best results. Your Mercury channel has been set up. In case you need to put it in your pocket; place it in a clean place after washing; Complete the above steps and put it in your pocket.

To get enough strength for this yantra, you need to take care of it daily. Every day after bathing or preparing for the day, go to the place where your Budh yantra are stored. Focus on it, sing 108 or more words of Mercury and ask for your specific wishes in this yantra. If you happen to have this yantra in your pocket, just hold it in your hands after bathing, focus on it, sing 108 or more Mercury words and ask for your wishes in this yantra. Visiting your Mercury yantra regularly establishes a proper connection between you and yantra; which helps you get higher benefits for it.

For simplicity, here are the Mool Mantra and the Beej Mantra of Mercury:

Budh yantra Mool Mantra: Om Budhaay Namah

Budh yantra Beej Mantra: Om Bram Breem Braum Sah Budhaay Namah.

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