Crack SEBI Exam 2022: Exam pattern, preparation tips

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a reputable organization where thousands of applicants hope to work. The good news is that the SEBI Grade A 2022 recruitment is already underway. If you also dream of working as a first class officer in SEBI, then you must work hard and prove your worth.

Candidates must learn and comprehend three components of the SEBI Grade A 2022 exam, namely the syllabus, the exam format, and some preparatory advice, in order to pass the test.

SEBI Grade A Study Plan 2022

The first stage examination will be conducted online in the form of two exams: Paper 1 and Paper 2. It is important that the candidate understands the SEBI Grade A syllabus for both exams to pass the exam and qualify for the next stage.

The first test will be conducted for all streams covering general awareness questions (including some questions related to the financial sector – easy to medium difficulty level), English, reasoning, and quantitative aptitude.

In the case of Test II, the agenda will be specific and belong to the corresponding stream. Therefore, for the general stream, the paper will consist of MCQs on commerce, accounting, management, finance, cost, economics, and corporate law.

Regarding legal IT and the current official language, questions will be asked about the specialized topic that belongs to this current. Therefore, candidates should carefully consider the information brochure provided by SEBI.

SEBI Exam Form Grade A 2022

The SEBI Grade A 2022 paper style will be different for both documents. The first test will be conducted with a total of 100 points for 60 minutes. Each candidate will be required to score at least 30 percent to qualify for this document.

Exam II will also be taken with a maximum of 100 points. Each candidate must complete the document in 40 minutes and earn at least 40 percent of the points to qualify for the next stage. To the dissatisfaction of the candidates, both tests will have a negative score of points for each incorrect answer. However, for each correct answer, the candidate will receive one point. To qualify for the online Phase 1 exam, candidates must meet not only the paper-based limit, but also the full 40 percent limit.

Preparation Tips for SEBI Grade A 2022

To prepare for the Class A Stage 1 Exam 2022, here are some important preparation tips that a candidate can follow:

Start your 30 day preparation by reviewing all important Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and English topics. 

Check out the trusted YouTube channels and list all the important topics. 

Spend the first 10 days reviewing it to master the first document.

In the case of the first test, apply reverse engineering in all subjects, i.e. try to solve doubts before reviewing the study program. This will help the candidate understand her preparedness and identify areas of weakness and confusion. The review procedure can then be organised around challenging or inaccurate subjects.

To prepare for the English section, try to take at least two mock exams each week, with a time limit.

The only and most effective way to prepare for Exam  is to take SEBI Grade A  mock test every day. Switch between mock tests for each role to review the entire syllabus at once. Even here, reverse engineering will help identify vulnerabilities.

In the last two weeks, take one or two mock tests every day, and in the remaining time, work on those weaknesses to pass the test.

SEBI Mock Tests and Study Notes

The mock tests will give you a realistic picture of your performance and also highlight your weaknesses. You can make an extra effort to improve your weak areas and thus improve your overall score. To help you with your preparation, our team delivers grade A SEBI scores on a regular basis. In this article, we will provide links to all the SEBI Grade A Study Material we have published so far. These SEBI Grade A notes will surely help you to remember the different concepts of commerce, accounting, costs, corporate law, and economics. Not just preparing, these SEBI A grade notes will also help you while you review the syllabus regularly.

To ensure you prepare for the SEBI Grade A Previous year papers are also one of the best study materials recommended by experts to practice for competitive exams.

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