Custom Rigid Boxes: To Secure Your Delicate And Fragile Products

Several business brands deal in expensive items that are quite delicate and are highly prone to damage. There are several steps from the begging process till their reach the customer’s hands having a risk at every step. Rigid boxes come as a saviour for such items and guard them against all types of harm. The features of these boxes are not limited to product safety only, as they are pretty effective in adding value to items. However, they are mainly popular to reduce damage claims and keep the items fresh and in their original condition. Here is how these boxes minimize the damage chances and protect the products in every situation. 

Rigid Boxes Are Best Against Compression

A factor that most packaging types can’t resist is the resistance to compression. This physical threat links to the items from the very beginning while taking them to the warehouses. Custom rigid boxes keep the items safe inside while they are in stacking over each other in bulk. The products beneath have to bear a lot of pressure that can result in the breakage of fragile cosmetics, fashion, and other such products. A little pressure over these items can ruin their structure. Ultimately customers would try to make a return claim that is not good for the repute of your brand in any manner. 

These rigid kraft boxes are so sturdy that they can hold compression of any scale. On the other hand, the packaging would not bend because of the pressure of other bulky products over it. No other packaging type could resist so long other than the black or rigid white box. Similarly, this threat would also eliminate during product shipping other than warehousing. Products would stay secure inside no matter how rude the delivery guy is during transportation. Such sturdy packaging would also help buyers keep the products safe when not in use by keeping them inside these boxes. 

Rigid Texture As A Challenge Against Sharp Edges

Several cases have been reported when some sharp edges get inside the boxes and destroy the product completely. There are several chances of happening this during loading, unloading, and display of these items. Rigid box packaging offers complete protection against such harm. It could also happen because of the fall of products from a height over some objects with sharp edges. Ultimately, items get a competition for damage and do not remain able to use them. A rigid box company can provide a complete and effective puncture-resistant solution against such harm. It makes buyers able to claim the users of the most sophisticated and secure packaging. 

These boxes could hold forceful sharp edges because of the thickness of the box walls. Usually, the pressed fiberboard becomes the prime material to manufacture them that is not hollow from the inside. Hence, there is no chance of any sharp object passing through its thickness. Usually, their walls are 2 o 3 mm thick and become hard and resistant in such situations. This thickness also does not allow the humid environment to influence the quality of products as they can’t pass through. Ultimately, products remain protected from both scratches and harsh environmental conditions. 

Rigid Boxes Are The Best Option For Sending Fragile Gifts

Sending gifts is a normal thing in every culture. Most people want to keep it a surprise and often make shipping for beautiful gifts. These gifts are a way to convey feelings to peopleRigid boxes play a role in delivering memories with the utmost perfection. It might be possible that someone has sent a framed photo or an electronic gadget. This packaging type protects all such types of gifts against package delivery challenges. Buyers would even do not need to insure the expensive items you are sending as these boxes would not let any factor influence these gifts. It could also save money for customers, and they would love making purchases from a brand using such packaging type. 

You can easily get these durable packaging from any rigid box manufacturer. Customizing these boxes is not a challenge apart from their sturdy nature. A gift wrapping business or gift brand can even enhance the sturdiness of these boxes according to the fragility of the gift items. Moreover, the selection of the size according to the dimensions of products also plays a role in protecting items from damage. It restricts the free movement of products inside boxes. On the other hand, it would also save money for your brand by reducing the size according to the product. 

Best Options For All Delicate, Expensive Items

There are several delicate items that need a high level of protection. A common packaging available in the market is unable to guard them against harsh situations. Recently, eCommerce is becoming a fashion. However, a lot of people still prefer to buy expensive items by going to the market physically. A rigid box can break this stereotype as it is perfect for all types of delicate and expensive items. Industry-leading brands like Samsung and Apple are also using these types of boxes for their electronic gadgets and are making safe deliveries for customers at their doorstep. 

These custom rigid set-up boxes get complete testing by the packaging manufacturers before using them for products. This testing is held by creating real-time scenarios. Packaging designs see improvements if it is lacking some safety at any stage during this testing phase. It is why they have become the ultimate solution for all the expensive and delicate items like jewellery, watches, cosmetics, cigars, perfumes, vapes, and several other such items. Even some bakery and tea brands are also using them to deliver their products in the international markets and generate more revenue. 

Safety Improvement With Inserts Keeping 

Everyone is aware of the external durability of a rigid cardboard box. However, some further safety measures are also taken inside these boxes to ensure safety in every aspect. Products are restricted to one place with the help of some inserts. These inserts are placed inside the base of these custom boxes, and some special spaces are crafted inside them. The spaces inside these inserts are in the exact shape of the products. Therefore, there are zero margins for damage to the products. On the other hand, these inserts are also a way to add luxury to the product packaging. Hence, you can get both advantages at the same time for your brand. 

Usually, this cushioning is done using foam or moulded pulp inserts. However, you can also choose the option of using the cardboard inserts inside the custom rigid set-up boxes. It could better ensure safety along bringing down the production costs for this packaging. Moreover, you can also print these inserts with the brand information of greeting messages to increase the buying experience of customers. It would create an aesthetic charm over consumers and create an overwhelming phenomenon for them. 

No other packaging type could better secure delicate and fragile items other than rigid boxes. Moreover, they also have become a source to add value to these fragile items. These improved safety standards for this packaging type make it a notable option for brands in the market that is affordable for firms of any scale.

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