Get Started with Disney+: How to Login and Begin Streaming

You’ve been waiting months (or even years) for the launch of Disney+, and it finally happened on November 12, 2019! What are you going to watch first? Well, first you need to login and begin streaming. Don’t worry – it’s easy! Read this article to learn how to login and begin streaming with Disney+. https://fubarnews.uk/disneyplus-com-login-begin/

What is Disney+?

Disney+ is a new video streaming service from the Walt Disney Company. It was launched on November 12th of this year. With it, users have access to over 8,000 titles as well as over 100 original shows and movies from all of their favorite Disney and Pixar franchises, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars series (e.g., Star Wars Rebels), National Geographic’s Untamed Americas, and the most comprehensive collection of International programming outside Netflix.

Where can I watch it?

After you log in, you’ll be presented with the main screen. The first thing you’ll want to do is scroll down, select your favorite shows or genres, and select any movies that interest you. Once you’re done selecting your favorites, it’s time to get started! Select Watch Now at the top of the page and click on one of your chosen shows. As soon as you find a show you like, just click Play. You can also watch anything available by scrolling through the list of titles until you find something that interests you. If there’s a TV show or movie that comes up on search but isn’t available yet, just wait until they are available to watch before clicking Play.

What can I watch on it?

After you create your account, you’ll be directed to an overview page that has a gallery of video choices based on topics such as Shows and Movies. From there, you can browse by category or input the name of what you’re looking for. Once you select a show or movie, information about it will appear in the area at the bottom of the screen. You can see details about each episode, how many minutes long it is, when it was released and how many episodes are available.

Another way to find something is through Search. If you want to watch something specific but don’t know the title or release date, this feature could help out.

Finally, you can also go back to the main menu by clicking Home at the top left corner of the screen where all of your options are listed.

How much does it cost?

Membership starts at $6.99 a month, but you can get access for $69.99 a year.

Disney+ membership is available as part of your other subscription service or as an individual plan. With the annual plan, you can sign up on your own or as part of a family or household membership through the Disney Movies Anywhere app. In addition to streaming movies and TV shows from Disney+, subscribers will have exclusive content including series like Marvel’s The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Star Wars Resistance, and High School Musical; new releases like Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2; and classic favorites like Lilo & Stitch.

Disney+ is going to be an awesome way for families to make memories together!


What is a streaming service?

A streaming service provides video content over the internet instead of requiring you to download and store it on your device. Some services allow you to download videos, but this requires significant amounts of space on your device.

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