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Hailey Baldwin net worth – A peek into her fortune of $20M!

Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber – is one of the current crop of models, a regular face of Ralph Lauren, and a social media personality, philanthropist, and influencer in her own right! Though she is better known as actor Stephen Baldwin’s daughter or the wife of famous Canadian vocalist Justin Bieber – that in no way diminishes her glory as a hit runway model. Comparisons are not always right, but do you know about Hailey Baldwin net worth? Well, it’s a whopping $20 million (inflation excluded) – which she has garnered with her talent. 

Surely, being one of the Baldwin daughters and Mrs. Bieber does help – but what about the social media moolahs (45M followers on Instagram and counting) – where she rakes in $4000 – $15000 almost like chump change? That woman does hold the social media! How about taking a digital trip to garner some know-how on the lady? 

This article will outline her net worth in terms of market value but answer some quickies as well! Read through – 

Hailey Baldwin net worth – Facts first! 

Born in the social circle that includes the Kardashians and the Hadids – Hailey is no stranger in the paparazzi circles of Hollywood and albeit on the same footing as the rest. Drop – down to figure out the amount that she holds – singularly and with her husband, Justin Bieber. 

Primarily, the maximum portion of her $20 million has been earned by her modeling and acting career. Apart from that, as a social media influencer and her own clothing line also adds up to her sources of income. 

Getting to the modeling aspect first – 

  1. Her first foray into modeling was in 2014 (after a foot injury that crashed her ballet dancer dreams). Since then – she has been signed up by two of the topmost agencies – Ford and IMG. she debuted on the runway with the British label Topshop and French designer Sonia Rykiel. 
  2. Her other assignments as a model include – posing on the magazine cover of Vogue, pre-fall collection model for Versace, runway models for Ralph Lauren, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce Gabbana, UGG Footwear, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, and Karl Lagerfield, to name a few. 
  3. She is a regular face in the print advertisement of – Harper Bazaar, GQ Magazine, Yves Saint Laurent, Levi’s, and Versace. 

These are her sources from the modeling career that has helped her build up the cool stash of Hailey Baldwin net worth figure of $20 million! 

Getting to the acting gigs 

  1. Did you know that Hailey’s debut in acting happened at the tender age of 9 years, way back in 2005? Well, apart from that – she has appeared in multiple television shows, hosted events, and starred in a couple of music videos. 
  2. Back in 2015, Hailey Baldwin (now Beiber) hosted the MTV European Music Awards in Italy. Since then, she has hosted multiple MTV Award shows. 
  3. Later in 2017, she co-hosted Drop the Mic, which became a runaway success! 
  4. Talking of her music videos – she was part of ‘On My Mind’ with Cody Simpson, ‘10,000 Hours’ with Justin, and ‘Love to Love You Baby’ with French Singer Baptiste. 
  5. Her latest gig in terms of acting was with – Dicky’s show ‘Dave’ on Hulu – with her husband, Justin. 

#For those who are unaware – she has a YouTube channel – launched back in March 2021 (with 1.78M subscribers and increasing every minute) 

#Her Instagram posts – can garner an amount of up to $1,50,000 per post, given her whopping number of followers. For her single post on Instagram, she commands a fee of $50,000! 

#Her skincare videos on YouTube and her show Who’s In My Bathroom are crowd-pullers 

Do you Know? – Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram has an interaction ratio of 0.0457%. 

Her YouTube channel is worth between $246,000 – $583,000! 

Cashing in on her investments 

Another source that adds up to the Hailey Baldwin net worth is the range of investments that she has made. Starting that off with – 

  1. Her collaboration with the brand The Daily Edited has resulted in the creation of – her clothing line as well as her line of handbags called – #theHAILEYedited collection 
  2. Her other collaborations include – one with a UK-based footwear collection (Public Desire) and another collab to launch her personal set of makeup brand (ModelCo).
  3. In terms of vehicle collection – she owns a Rolls Ryce Ghost, a Merc and a Cadillac. 
  4. Talking of real estate – she shares joint properties with her husband, Justin Bieber – houses in both USA and Canada. 

A quickie from her YouTube skincare routine 

As you have already read that Hailey’s skincare videos are a huge hit and contribute massively to making up what is officially the amount associated with Hailey Baldwin net worth. However, in case you still have not had the chance to watch the video – how about you read up on the skin facts here? 

#Hailey’s skincare tip – 

She is famously known for perfecting the ‘glazed doughnut skin’ style! Right in the morning, she rinses her face with warm water to lock in the moisture from the skin healing products (with peptide) that she had used the previous night. Then she goes in for the exfoliating process (thrice a week). Apart from that, regular cleansing with an oil-infused cleanser and using a peptide glazing fluid to moisturize her skin. 

In any skincare video of Baldwin, you will find – niacinamide and peptide being the key ingredients. When you can catch up with her videos – do make it a point to note the ingredients of her skincare routine. 

#Her skincare brand has cosmetics that are high on both the above-mentioned ingredients.

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Wrapping up 

All those who have followed Bieber or Hailey for some time had consistently spouted hurtful comments for Hailey – especially when the couple got back after Justin broke up with Selena. However, when quizzed about that – Hailey calmly replied as to how she cared for fans of Bieber and that despite everything, she would stand strong by her husband. Rather, she would focus on improving the finances associated with Hailey Baldwin net worth and work towards bettering herself. 

Clearly, this shows how to garner what is yours – one does need to move ahead of the cacophony and hustle to make it big. A notable life lesson! How about you try to follow the same? Stay well!

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