Here Are Some Tips To Assist Your Vehicle Clear Its MOT

You may minimize effort and cost by performing basic inspections and upkeep on your car before going to the MOT Reading testing facility. This will also increase the likelihood that your vehicle will clear the exam on the very first try.

You may prevent failing your MOT by following our list of the most effective strategies.


Another of the least complex tasks that you may carry out in your own house is to inspect the lighting. Just make sure your headlamps, fog lamps, hazard flashers, and warnings are all on. Verify that every one of them is in good functioning order. If you want to check your hazard lights, have somebody wait back your car while you press the hand brake. This will allow you to observe whether or not the lights turn on when they should. If you encounter a faulty lightbulb, you may purchase a replacement and install it on your own by using the instructions provided in the owner’s manual for your vehicle. You also have the option of going to your neighbourhood car repair shop if you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own.

It is important to keep in mind that failing your MOT test due to headlights with the wrong colour filters is another possibility. If the makers did not fix your lamps, it is up to you to guarantee that they comply with the law. White must be the colour of headlamps, while red must be the colour of hazard lights.

Tread depth of the tyres

Failure to maintain the right tread level may also lead to a failing MOT test. At leisure, you ought to do routine inspections of the tread depth. This is because tyres with poor wear have fewer capacities for holding the road, which might place your security in jeopardy. More crucially, the tread thickness must be at least 1.6 millimetres for the tyre to be compliant.

State of the Tyres

You need to inspect the sidewall of your tyres for any signs of problems, such as fissures, cuts, swellings, or protruding. A failing MOT test is another possibility under these circumstances. If you discover such harm, you should get in touch with a tyre expert as soon as possible since the presence of these factors may considerably reduce the quality of your tyres. Have a glance at this for some advice on how to keep your tyres in good condition.


When you are behind the wheel, you must maintain a clear vision of the roadway in front of you. As a result, you may lose your MOT testing if this isn’t visible. There must be at least 10mm of deterioration in the region immediately ahead of the operator to warrant a windshield replacement. A negative result will also occur from any items that are immediately in the driver’s line of sight. Thus, you should make sure to eliminate everything that might obscure your eyesight.

Both the Wipers and the Sprayers

Your windshield blades and cleansers help the operator view the path ahead of them. This is important for both the driver’s security as well as the security of others on the roadway. Make sure that your windshield wipers are in good working order and that there are no visible injuries on them. Before you drive to the MOT test, you need to make sure that your washers are working properly and assess your screen wipe.


As soon as you observe a decrease in the effectiveness of your braking, you ought to check out. Braking that is faulty or doesn’t work properly is an automatic fail on the MOT. Not to mention that it could place you and everyone else on the road in grave danger. It also is a good idea to keep an eye on your braking fluid amounts and refill it if necessary.

Safety Belts

For your car to satisfy the MOT testing, every safety belt inside of it is necessary to be in excellent shape and fully operational at all times. To verify that there is no harm, you will have to inspect the condition of each safety belt throughout its whole length. In addition to this, you must give every belt a brisk pull to confirm that it withstands the strain in the manner that you would anticipate. After that, you need to make sure that it can fasten into position firmly.

Registration Plates

Two visible number plates are a legal requirement for your car. It is critical to guarantee that personalised number plates are roadworthy.

Chassis of a Vehicle

Check to see that the outside of your car has not sustained any significant damage. This comprises rough edges, which can inflict harm to other cars as well as people. In addition, although the sanitation of your car is not part of the MOT inspection, it is still a good idea to wash it before you take the test. This is because MOT inspectors have the option to reject inspecting a filthy vehicle. Having a clean automobile may also convey to others the idea that your car receives regular maintenance and care. Your first image during the MOT test will be better as a result of this preparation.

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