Importance of Indian Public High School in Student’s Life

School life is probably the most crucial years of a person’s life. In this period, students go through their formative years and become ready to face the future in every aspect possible. Schools play an unavoidable role in building the career, personality, and character of a person. This is why it becomes very important that your child finds the perfect school to excel and thrive toward great learning. With the elaborated and dedicated education curricula and outstanding facilities, the Indian Public High School provides everything that a child needs to experience learning to the highest level. Schools in Abu Dhabi, take the intensive initiative to shape the future of our students on the brightest path. Down below are some of the reasons why Indian Public High School is important in a student’s life. 


Importance of Indian Public High Schools in Abu Dhabi


Wide Range of In-Campus Facilities 


Better the school campus, the better will be the all-around growth of a student. Campus facilities also play an intriguing role in shaping the best career option for a student. They provide the best in-campus facilities among all schools in Abu Dhabi, so that our beloved students can find their area of excellence and learn in a modern way. Our campus facilities include Montessori Lab, a Kindergarten play area, Library, Indoor Temperature controlled swimming pool, Sports grounds, Dance rooms, music rooms, IT Labs, and GCIE. 


Academic Performance 


Schools must assist a student through intrinsic teaching so that they can secure excellent academic grades, and Indian Public High School does it most efficiently. Our school was able to achieve outstanding CBSE results over the years, thanks to our dedicated teachers and the hard work of our determined students. With over 90% marks in board exams, our alumni were able to do exceedingly well in entrance tests of prestigious universities as well. 


  • 9 Gems Framework 

They believe in the process of systematic teaching and learning. That is why Indian Public High School follows the 9 gems framework. What is the 9 gems framework? They focus on 9 factors to enhance the potential of students, 9 distinct fields where they can excel and thrive in the future. The 9 gems framework includes academic excellence, visual & performing arts, sports excellence, innovation & creativity, personality development, leadership & entrepreneurship, community & care, ethics & universal values, and skills development. 


  • Excellent Faculty

Teachers play the role of building blocks in shaping the future of a child, and they prioritise that our school has the best faculty who can understand the fundamentals of teaching kids and can take partial care according to the requirements of a student. Our faculty is an invaluable asset to us as they are highly experienced in their respective fields. They follow a rigorous selection process for selecting the best teachers who can provide our students with the nicest educational experience. In addition to that, all our teachers go through 80 hours plus training every year. 


  • Life at GIIS 

GIIS provides a holistic lifestyle to our students, helping them to build a strong character and personality to face all the challenges in the future in the smartest way. Apart from the wide range of facilities, great overall academic programs, and ample extra-curricular activities, the school life that they offer teaches vital moral values to our students such as brotherhood, compassion, friendship, gratefulness, and so on. 


  • University Connect 

After our students pass their Grade 12 with flying colours, they immediately get accepted by top universities for higher studies. Some of the great universities where these ex-students are making the school even more proud are the National University of Singapore, Nanyang University of Technology, Oxford University, Cambridge, Harvard, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Georgia Tech, and many others. 


  • SMART Learning

The world is moving at a smart pace with the finest technological developments and the wonders of the internet. And hence, education must also catch up with that pace so that our students do not lag behind. They provide education in a smart way that suits the modern insight of students toward learning. The dedicated IT labs, audio-visual rooms, and smart classroom equipment assist us to provide education that fulfils the demands of the modern generation. 


  • Scholarships

They believe that every child has the right to get a top-notch education and financial conditions should not be a bar for them to achieve it. And this is why, GIIS organises various scholarship programs throughout the year. 



Your child deserves top-notch education in achieving shape and form. As a parent, you have got to make sure that your kid gets the most memorable childhood and becomes a successful person and a great human being. This is where the Indian Public High School is always there for your child to help them to excel in every aspect of their life as a student. They provide everything that it takes to give our students the best educational experience. They know the fact that school plays an imminent factor in raising the finest future generation.

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