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Best Things to Learn from an Interior Designing Course Dubai – Leranovate

In this article, we told you about the interior designing course in Dubai whose purpose is to teach you absolutely everything about the profession of architecture. At Learnovate Training Center, linked to our interior designer training, could not fail to find its counterpart for our other interior designing training Dubai.

  • A site on interior decoration in addition to your training
  • From designing news to the prospects of the profession of an interior decorator
  • Choosing the interior decoration: why? What advantages?

Many of you ask me questions about my professional career, either because you too have a retraining project, or simply out of curiosity about my job as an interior designer.

But if background, as atypical as it is, can bring you a bit of an answer, courage, motivation, and then I will have succeeded in my mission!

  • What training did you follow?

Throughout interior designing training, and even now, I have also followed a few small one-off training courses of a few hours on very specific subjects, such as color, architecture, but also the management of a company, digital communication, … I find it important to continue training, to open up to other perspectives in order to evolve.

  • How did I choose my training?

I compared several schools, and their programs went to open houses, discussed with a few teachers, asked a lot (too many) questions to the secretariats, evaluated the journeys (it’s really not negligible), the pace that it was going to impose on me and on those who share my daily life.
This is a relatively personal choice, as each school has its own methodology and approach to learning, which may not be suitable for everyone.

  • What did my training bring me?

I obviously learned a lot of theoretical notions, mentioned above. It gave me the weapons and the technical skills that are essential for this job. Because although the title of designing is not protected, these are things to be taken really seriously: one must be able to answer a client’s questions and technical requests, work with specialized trades, know the specificities of the materials one advice, and assume one’s own responsibility.

But I also took away the assurance and the confidence necessary to practice this profession in all serenity.

We also learn a lot with experience, because even if we have carried out many projects during my training, there is nothing like being confronted with reality, with a real problem, to find ourselves alone in front of a client.

  • Did I do an internship?

Unfortunately, the interior designing course in Dubai is a fairly closed, rather competitive environment, and already well saturated (supply is much higher than demand). I sent several internship requests at the time and only had negative responses.

Today… I understand why.
In the end, a freelance decorator is not really inclined to receive a trainee, for various reasons of organization, time but also competition: developing his clientele, his communication, his internal functioning, his prices,… takes a lot of time and must remain strictly personal.

A website dedicated to interior design

It is therefore logical that we have also created this other website: This second site aims to talk to you in more detail about training in the profession of interior designing, but also to talk to you about current topics or in-depth articles that will be closely or indirectly related, to this fascinating theme of decoration.

This site will therefore offer you a good complement to our main site as well as to our blog if you are interested in interior design and you plan to retrain or get started in this dynamic and recruiting sector! And don’t forget that if you have any questions, the comments are at your disposal.

From interior designing to business perspectives

Of course, since it deals with current events in interior designing, the blog that we present to you here will contain articles relating to interior designing training such as fashionable colors or the main principles for revisiting an interior with success. But that’s not all. The site will also tell you about the prospects that will be available to you if you decide to embrace a career in interior designing.

Why choose an interior designing Course in Dubai?

It will not have escaped you that nowadays interior designing holds an important place in the life of many households. You only have to see the success of television programs devoted to this subject to be convinced of this. In fact, if the sector is synonymous with dynamism, we can legitimately say that it is encouraging in terms of employment for all those who are looking for a professional future and/or who are looking to reorient themselves towards a job in which they will take more pleasure in everyday life.

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