Based right next door to Hackney’s stunning Victoria Park, you’ll want to hop across the road for a run as soon as you’re done shopping here. They pride themselves on their friendly and enthusiastic staff, and offer gait analysis to make sure you’re getting the right kit for you. If you’re more likely to hit the trails than pound the pavement, you might find what you need at Ellis Brigham. The family-owned mountain sports retailer has a strong selection of trail running shoes, kit and accessories like GPS watches.

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Over-pronation is when this is excessive in angle and poorly controlled. Kinetic analysis – where up to 900 sensors are placed in each shoe so as to measure the forces, moments, pressures and loading times. Professional and recreational athletes of all standards who are prone to injury. 1 Appointment time length can vary slightly depending on individual requirements.

They gave me a second analysis but the chap couldn’t decide between more support or none but plumped for a shoe with very high support. Everything you tell us will help us understand you better as a runner. Even something that might seem mundane can give us an insight into helping improve your running experience. All runners are unique and what you’ve read online or in a magazine may not be the solution for you.

As experienced Physiotherapists, we can also provide you with a strength and conditioning program specific to your needs to help with your goals and that will keep your injury risk to a minimum. Additionally, we can provide you with advice on the best type of footwear for you or if insoles and orthotics would be beneficial for you. Our team are experts on running technique and treadmill analysis.

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Our qualified therapists and trainers will recommend and provide exercises to improve your movement as part of your Sports and 3D Assessments. As brands evolve shoe models, different fabrication techniques or updated technologies can change the fit and feel of a shoe. If the model number of a shoe has changed it means that some part of that shoe has been updated, one which may affect your running experience. We’ll speak with you to discuss treatment options and help you book your first appointment for your full diagnosis, recovery plan and treatment. In cases where injury or pain is already evident, it may be that physiotherapy is advised. I would like to know the cost of the gait analysis and the cost of the insoles as well if it is possiple.

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We want to provide you with the tools to stay injury free and running for longer. From sprinters to park runners, round-the-block joggers to ultra-marathoners, knowing how we run is important for a number of things. One of the most important reasons to understand our running form is that it can help to prevent injury. For those who take running seriously, it’s invaluable in helping you be the best runner you can be. OnScan technology also provides quantitative data that makes it easier to test and retest the runner’s technique. Visit this shop if you are a dedicated runner and care about your feet.

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Is the style that gets the least injuries and is more efficient over middle distances, because they get the perfect equilibrium between impact absorption and energy return. On Running Running Analysis in London hasn’t wasted any time in bringing people together to share their latest innovations. I have read and understand the applicable Privacy Policy. I would like to receive communications from ASICS – including for exclusive member services, events, and gear.

It is in a sense surprising that few people have gait analysis given that abnormalities in gait both during walking and sport is a key cause for many types of injury. Many practitioners will simply treat the injury but not consider the underlying cause through gait analysis. The London Podiatry Centre has invested significant revenue in creating what is the most advanced stand-alone podiatric gait facility in the UK at present. We certainly think so as gait analysis is a diagnostic tool. The best way to treat an injury or a condition is to understand why symptoms are occurring as it is often the body that often stops the healing of the injury/condition in the first place. From gait analysis, The London Podiatry Centre can build an understanding as to why the injury/condition has occurred and to treat it in the most objective and effective way possible.

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