Manila, Philippines COVID 19 Reaction

Problems surfaced early in the Philippines’ response to COVID 19. It was first deemed necessary to implement travel bans, community interventions, risk communication, and viral testing. It is predicted that the first confirmed case of the virus will occur on January 30, 2020. The Philippines is stepping up its anti-disease initiatives. What exactly the PNP CODA is supposed to be doing is not clear.

What Obligations Does PNP CODA Have?

Records management in the Philippines is handled by PNP CODA, which also serves as a resource for learning more about the system and how to use it. When they run into problems, they also have access to technical support. Several pre-formatted forms are available within PNPCODA to make data entry a breeze. The data is available for both PC download and mobile device entry. They can save time and effort by printing the templates. Some suggestions for putting PNPCODA to use:

The Philippine National Police must implement policies and practices that promote gender equality under the NAPS (National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security). Among these is the Magna Carta for Women, the Constitution of the Philippines, the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act, and the Safe Places Act. When dealing with these issues, the PNP is indispensable. Through its various initiatives, it strives to improve the lives of women and give them greater agency.

Help from the WHO for the Philippines

On March 23rd, the first COVID-19 case was reported. After the first case, authorities declared a national emergency, quarantined the area around the airport, and shuttered the airport. The authorities imposed a curfew and travel restrictions on dangerous areas in April. This curfew will now remain in effect until 11 June. All areas of public health will benefit from increased government spending, loans guaranteed by the state, and other direct aid.

The health situation has greatly enhanced after the epidemic. The government and WHO employees in the Philippines have made great strides in the vaccine campaign, with inoculation spreading more quickly than expected. Supply issues have also been fixed. The continued success of vaccination campaigns is largely due to the widespread support they have received. Many people will continue to benefit from the quick introduction of immunizations. The government of the Philippines will keep asking for help from the United States in fighting the disease.

Materials Obtainable

To fortify national and global health security systems, a growing body of scientific knowledge on the Philippines’ response to COVID 19 is required. Hazards and the existing situation are something that decision-makers must be cognizant of. The problem has no simple solution, but there are a few things that decision-makers can do to make things easier. The first step is to figure out what dangers are associated with making this choice. The better the Philippines’ reply to COVID 19 would be, the more information there will be available.

The government’s response to COVID can be evaluated with data from a variety of sources. Many plans to mitigate the pandemic’s effects have been outlined by the national authorities. Quarantine facilities, early lockdowns, and clear communication are all part of these strategies. Also important is training for local governments in the Philippines to use in the event of a medical crisis. The information gained here will help them make better decisions on what actions to take in the event of a pandemic.


More police have been deployed to the Philippines in response to the terrorism threat. The use of cameras has been prioritized by the Philippine National Police (PNP). If you would like to learn more about the country’s response to COVID-19, you may do so by visiting the PNP Coda page.

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