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8 Tips to Solve the Toughest Math Word Problems Faster

Solving math equations when numbers are given to you is one thing but working with world problems is a totally difficult thing. So, how to become a confident math word problem solver? As you advance through your mathematical problems, you will face a few stumbling blocks. You will face math problems that may prove to be most difficult for a lot of students. Many times students struggle to see the math behind the words.

I have collected some of the best tips from math homework help experts online from the USA to help you master solving math problems with ease. Let’s look at the list of effective tips to solve math problems.

Tip 1: Survey the math problem and question it

Reading the math word problem is the first step toward understanding the entirety of the problem. After you are done reading the problem, understand the relevant aspects that need to e solved and the aspects that are not relevant to solving the math word problem. The purpose is here to get a general understanding, and once you have a complete idea of what you attempt to solve, you must determine what steps, formulas, or equations need to be utilized to find out the correct answer. If you cannot determine what needs to be solved, it is not possible to find the answer.

Tip 2: Draw the problem and review it

If you think drawing the type of the problem will help you create a visual representation to understand what needs to be done next. The drawing need not be an elaborated one. It can be a shape or shapes with numbers. After you finish completing to draw the problems, consult the problem.

You may also look for patterns or use graphs. After you are done with the reading and drawing, it is essential to review the analysis you have made out of it. This will help you decide the type of problem and the method required for solving it.

Tip 3: Develop a solid plan

There are 4 simple steps to developing a plan for solving a math word problem:

  • Figure out the formula you need while solving the problem. Spend more time reviewing the concepts in the textbook
  • Create a list of things you require for solving the problem, and also that will help you stay organized
  • You can try solving the easier problems first since, and this will give time for solving the difficult problem
  • You can try getting an estimated answer before solving the word problem. Review your estimate and check if you have left out anything or not.

Tip 4: Look out for patterns

Identify the pattern or patterns in a math problem by simply reading the math problem carefully. You may create a table for identifying a pattern or patterns of the math word problem. Make sure to note down any patterns that can help you identify the math word problem. These patterns will help you solve the problem and further lead you directly to the answer.

Tip 5: Read the problem out loud

Rushing through math word problems is quite common for students when meeting certain time limits. However, it’s impossible to solve a math problem if they do not know what the problem is asking them. Therefore, experts often advise students to read the problem aloud so they may form a clearer picture of the math problem they are going to solve.

Tip 6: Look out for the keywords

Every math word problem has keywords that tell you what operation to do. As you practice more word problems, finding these keywords will become easier.

Here are some of the popular key words in math word problems:

Addition: “both”, “additional”, “all together”, “combined, “total”

Subtraction: “difference”, “how many more”, “have left”, “decrease”, “fewer”, “how much greater”, “remain”

Multiplication: “each”, “equal groups”, “doubled/tripled”, “of”, “per”

Division: “separated”, “equal parts”, “percent”, “split between”

Tip 7: Check your results

 Solving math word problems takes a lot of time and effort; you must ensure to be certain about your answers.

Make sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you find your answer reasonable?
  • Di you label your math word problem answer properly?
  • Have you substituted your answers into the original problem?

Tip 8: Understand where to require help

We all come across certain problems that seem impossible to solve at some point. So yes, students must develop independent learning skills. While homework, textbook, and class notes and easily accessible, sometimes students just need another person’s help to get another perspective. Online math essay help experts can help you get a detailed step-by-step writing solution that can help you master your concept.


Solving math word problems brings anxiety to many students. You will find the tips discussed by the experts as a guide to solving math word problems in a logical order. You will not find solving math word problem solving overwhelming once you try out these tips. As challenging as word problems can be, trying the tips will help students understand the word problems better and see beyond the complicated words. You will become more confident and eager learners.

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