The Ways You Can Assist Students in Preschool Bangalore in Developing Fine Motor Skills

It is amazing how we can do so many things at once and not feel proud of ourselves. We take command of our days as soon as we wake up, performing several duties such as making and eating breakfast, putting on clothes, and so on. 

Have you ever wondered how we manage to complete all these things while remaining unbothered? This is what fine motor abilities include. Adults have duties that necessitate well-managed motor skills. What about your children? 

Let us not presume that children in a preschool Bangalore should be introduced to fine motor development during their childhood. Many studies advise that you should start working on your child’s motor abilities as soon as they are born. 

We’ve all seen newborn babies getting oil massages and gentle stretches. To clear the air, let us define fine motor skills.


What Exactly Are Fine Motor Skills?

Examples of fine motor skills are hands, fingers, feet, wrists, and toes. To put it simply, these abilities require your child’s brain to organise impulses and behaviours. Fine motor skills are made up of what they notice and how they react to it. 

Two examples are picking up a pencil to write and eating with a spoon. This may make the phenomenon easier to comprehend. Every action a child takes cannot be taught. We can comprehend a few things that affect our daily lives. 

Pressing, folding, holding, gripping, or using a pincer grip are examples of fine motor abilities for children. Everything that appears too normal to us needs time to become acquainted with. 

Fine motor skill development is critical for students in a preschool in Bangalore. They learn to respond to a few sights and to be self-sufficient in a variety of ways. Even though it is unusual for a small child to comprehend what is being said.


Why Are Fine Motor Skills Necessary?

If you ask yourself why tying a shoelace is vital, it may seem strange. Fine motor abilities are required for everyday tasks such as tying shoelaces, writing, holding a pen, and even making hand movements. 

We have been doing these jobs for years and frequently minimise their significance. We must recognise that the various jobs we accomplish in our daily lives necessitate the usage of specialised skills and muscles. 

Let us give ourselves some credit now that we know. Many youngsters in a Bengaluru school are unable to accomplish these regular duties, which hurts their self-confidence. A lack of fine motor skills affects not only their confidence, but also their independence, self-care development, and even their academic success. 

We may envision a child trying to complete basic everyday tasks. One of the possible causes is a lack of motor abilities. Parents today are most likely ignorant of such occurrences and readily overlook them. 

They are, of course, not to fault. Perhaps a lack of awareness causes such problems during a child’s development and impacts them in the future. Not to mention that a lack of motor skills might have an impact on your child’s mental health. 

It is best to examine youngsters during their developmental years and take care of them if sluggish fine motor skill development is discovered.


How Can I Improve My Fine Motor Skills?

The likelihood of detecting sluggish development of fine motor abilities in your child is quite low. And, just to be clear, it is not anything serious or concerning. 

Slowly learning the muscular mechanism to accomplish everyday actions is nothing significant, but it is something to contemplate. Here are some fun activities that parents may do with their children to help them improve their fine motor skills:

1. Dough for Play

We have always heard that playing with dough involves just the proper amount of pressure, precise hand movements, and great shape ideas. Playing with dough with your child studying in a Bengaluru school will allow you to spend quality time with them while also improving their fine motor abilities.

2. Riddles

There is no better method to sharpen your child’s mind than to tackle engaging puzzles with them. This requires the proper coordination of your child’s mind and actions, which improves their fine motor abilities.

3. Painting and drawing

“Colours fascinate youngsters,” we wholeheartedly agree. Colours have always fascinated young children. Surprisingly, they attempt to provide their best effort when drawing or painting. 

Everything requires uniformity, from holding a brush to painting strokes in even directions, which eventually improves children’s fine motor skills.

4. Using Tongs in the Kitchen

Yes, this fine motor skills activity is unusual, but it may work wonders. Allow your child to play with kitchen tongs or tweezers while you are working in the kitchen. Examine how they employ them in a balanced manner. And presto! You have managed to improve your child’s motor skills development.

5. Bath-Time

Bath-time plays with your child are one of the most enjoyable hobbies. For obvious reasons, your child would shield their eyes and nose from water sprays. Utilize reflex actions and see how your youngster reacts and performs throughout playtime. Applaud yourself if they prevent the water faster than the previous time.

6. Laces

Another simple and beneficial exercise to improve your child’s mental functionality is to assist them in tying their shoes. Tying shoelaces requires the right synchronization of palms and fingers at the same time. Understanding the movement is a good technique to improve fine motor abilities.


Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers Examples

Fine motor skills of the preschool students include cutting with scissors, holding and using a pencil, manipulating playdough, building with blocks, and drawing with markers or scribbling.



Pre-schoolers are already on the verge of maturing and must succeed in the development of fine motor skills. The problem has been recognised in recent years, and most schools are constantly studying children with poor fine motor abilities.

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