Top 7 of the best ERP software to improve your management

ERP software ( Enterprise Resource Planning) allows you to manage and centralize all your company’s activities. It is an integrated management software package (PGI) that brings together a company’s operational processes.

Implementing ERP software for your company will save time and help you develop your business, whatever your sector of activity.

But what are the best performing ERP software on the market today? We have selected the top 7 best ERP software to improve your management.

What is ERP software?

ERP software allows one to manage all of a company’s operations within a single system. Choosing a good ERP software development company will allow you to ensure daily processes with CRM functionalities such as accounting, finance, resources, or even inventory management.

It is, therefore, a modular and customizable software package that represents a strategic resource for any company.

ERP software centralizes data and helps improve business productivity and performance.

Here is the list of the most powerful ERP software to help you develop your business.

Oracle Netsuite

More than 20,000 companies worldwide have used Netsuite ERP software for its performance. This software package is fully customizable and designed to support business growth.

You can add features as your business expands. It is a powerful and complete tool that integrates:

  • logistics management
  • production management
  • billing
  • accountability
  • project management.

Oracle Netsuite also offers a feature dedicated to business intelligence with the ability to create and distribute activity reports.


SAP is considered the European leader in the business applications market. Therefore, this solution is aimed at VSEs and SMEs.

SAP offers ERPs that integrate the functionalities necessary to ensure the management of your company, such as financial management, HR management, or the product life cycle.

  1. Wise 300

Sage is also the world leader in ERP solutions and is aimed at medium-sized companies. This efficient and effective solution allows you to manage invoicing, inventory, supply, create quotes and manage activities. You can also view real-time reports on the go.

This software can be complex to configure, but it has many features. In addition, a premium version is available, which is suitable for larger businesses.


Syspro’s ERP software is primarily designed for companies belonging to the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Its functionalities are, therefore, specific to the commercial requirements of manufacturers and distributors.

Syspro allows you to improve your supply chain management and obtain information to make the best business decisions.

  1. Cegid

It is a French ERP software publisher specializing in the Cloud. The solutions offered by Cegid are designed for chartered accountants, human resources, and finance managers. In addition, the 3 ERPs marketed by Cegid enable small and medium-sized businesses to manage all their operational processes within a single solution.

Cegid XRP Ultimate is customizable with 30 additional modules and includes 37 features to improve your management.

Cegid XRP flex is a collaborative and connected tool with an open system that allows the development of APIs.

 Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful, flexible, and reliable ERP solution. Some of the world’s largest companies, such as Coca-Cola, UPS, and BMW, use this tool. However, it is a perfect solution for SMBs that offers features based on your business needs, including:

  • the sale
  • commercialization
  • finance
  • the operations
  • human resources
  • client service.

Each category offers different apps to complete, from supply chain management to operations management. In addition, this erp development company is linked to the global Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and is therefore compatible with other Microsoft applications.


Here is another complete French software editor that brings together all the features necessary for the daily management of your activity:

  • commercial management
  • accounting and financial management
  • business management
  • HR integrating payroll
  • CAMP

Divito offers a standard version that can be subsequently personalized, thanks to numerous modules. In addition, this ERP software has modern and intuitive ergonomics with high connectivity.

You now know the most efficient ERP software on the market to improve the management of your business. Choose ERP software based on the size of your business and your needs.

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