People all around the world can have different choices over different things, but there is

one thing that almost all the people in the world loves to do, and that is traveling. Traveling is a passion of many people, as they like to explore different areas of the world. The people who love to travel will not think of skipping Dubai. It is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. Many places in Dubai that are worth visiting are left untouched by many tourists, like Central Park City Walk and Emaar beachfront, so you must search about that place before visiting there. The tips for guidance are very important and one should follow them to make their trip successful.

Here are some useful tips for you, if you are travelling to Dubai:


There are different seasons in Dubai, and you should plan your trip according to your expectations. It is like a perfect summer in the city, almost all of the months, but December to February can be the best month to visit, as the winter is unpredictable here. The temperature can reach up to 30 degrees in the day and 12 at the night time. It can be foggy, cloudy, and even it may rain.

The rain in Dubai is similar to the rain that happens anywhere in the world, but the only disadvantage goes to the people with 4×4, as they head out to the desert and rain can really spoil their day.

June, July, August, and September are the months of summer, and the summers in Dubai are extreme. So you should be aware of that if you are visiting the city from some colder area.


You have to do some research before heading out to this city, as there are many of the famous things that have been in the news but there are a lot more things in Dubai that you will know after doing some research.

You can have the biggest shopping experiences here, as the biggest shopping mall in the world is here in this city. There are hundreds and thousands of stores delivering a variety of products for the shopaholics.

This place is good for eating, and foodies will surely love the variety of food that Dubai has to offer. As the city is a tourist attraction and people from all over the globe visit here, so you can experience different cuisines from all over the world.

The people of Dubai like different types of sports, but there are also some normal sports like swimming, riding, golf, and tennis. The adventurous sports are jet skiing, sailing, camel race, and a 4×4 race.


It depends on you how much you are willing to spend, as it is understood that Dubai will be a little heavy on your pockets, but there are very affordable hotels in this city. You can stay in a luxury hotel, and experience the luxury of this city for which it is really famous.

The Arabian Ranches golf club hotel is right near the golf club. It is not that much expensive, but at some certain period of time in the year, the prices are a bit higher.


Dubai is an Islamic city, yet it is very liberal. The laws of the city allow the tourists to dress up however they want, but the locals don’t really appreciate inappropriate clothing. It is not necessary to dress up as locals but if you dress up according to their traditional codes then you will be appreciated and may experience very friendly behaviour from the locals.


It doesn’t matter in which Muslim country or city you are present but the month of Ramadan is almost the same throughout the Muslim world. This holy month is a celebration period of Muslims, but some visitors face challenges in this period. The Muslims are prohibited to eat and drink for a certain period of time in a day, so it is not encouraged for you to eat outside or in a public place. However, you would still be allowed to eat and drink, as you please.

There are certain tips that you must follow while visiting Dubai. Visiting the luxury areas and villas of the city like Central Park City Walk Dubai and The Gulf Villas is a must for you. You should plan your visit intelligently, and do some research to make about the city before visiting there.

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