wedding photographer in Naples

wedding photographer in Naples

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We are Carsten and Leigh, a husband and wife wedding photographer team based in Cape Coral, Florida. We are two fun-loving, creative, entrepreneurs who live & love life to the fullest. We make the experience pretty easy, fun, enjoyable and we give pretty awesome directions so many couples end up with amazing photos whether they’re camera shy or not. We offer elopement & wedding photography in South Florida. Areas we frequently photographing weddings in are the Florida Keys, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg and Sarasota.

We are looking for amazing light and powerful composition. Your unique qualities as a couple identified and the details of your event appreciated makes your photos one of a kind. We documented over 50 weddings in 2021 leaving many happy couples all over the US.

If you are looking for someone to help you bring out the best of your wedding day and capture pure life, pure energy, pure love, so you will remember it forever… We may be the perfect fit for you


Our photography consists of unique styles that we have learned throughout our years of image making. Our way of shooting and editing is anywhere from dramatic lighting setups, modern wedding images to a more cinematic look. We intentionally do not adhere to a conventional style, that some may have seen by other photographers. You can look at our images and see for yourself if you think our style is going to work for you. We like to tell people that our way of shooting and editing is fluid and that we don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves to any particular style.

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