What is hearing loss and how you can prevent it?

The three major sections of your ear are the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. The eardrum vibrates as sound waves pass through the outer ear. The vibrations are magnified when they pass through the eardrum and three tiny middle ear bones on their way to the inner ear. Vibrations travel through fluid in a snail-shaped structure in the inner ear (cochlea).

Thousands of tiny hairs linked to nerve cells in the cochlea assist in the translation of sound vibrations into electrical signals sent to the brain. Your brain converts these signals into voice.

How does hearing loss happen?

Damage to the inner ear

  • With age and exposure to loud noise, the hairs or nerve cells in the cochlea that transmit sound signals to the brain may wear out. When these hair or nerve cells are harmed or absent, electrical signals aren’t transported as efficiently, causing hearing loss.
  • Higher-pitched tones are dampened, as you may have noticed. When there is a lot of background noise, it can be difficult to differentiate words.

Gradual buildup of earwax

  • Earwax can obstruct the ear canal, making it difficult for sound waves to reach the brain. Earwax removal can assist you in regaining your hearing.

Ruptured eardrum (tympanic membrane perforation)

  • Loud noises, pressure changes, compressing your eardrum with an object, and infection can all cause your eardrum to burst, resulting in hearing loss.

There are four types of hearing loss

Conductive Hearing Loss

Something that prevents sounds from passing through the outer or middle ear causes hearing loss. Medicine or surgery is frequently used to treat this type of hearing loss.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

When there is a problem with the inner ear or the hearing nerve, hearing loss ensues..

Mixed Hearing Loss

Both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss are present in this condition..

Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

Hearing loss happens when sound enters the ear normally but is not organized in a way that the brain can understand due to damage to the inner ear or the hearing nerve.

You can prevent your hearing loss with the help of hearing aids

Hearing aids are small devices that can be individually customized to suit many different forms of hearing loss. At least one microphone picks up sound, a computer chip amplifies and analyses sound, a speaker relays the signal to your ear, and a battery for power are all included in digital hearing aids. Additional functions, such as direct connectivity to a smart phone or neural networks, are available in more advanced models.

Where you can buy best and most affordable hearing aids?

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